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Neglected and forgotten for decades, the main house at Beacon Farms was rescued and restored in 2016 by members of The Bridge Foundation, our partner in recovery.



The Haugh Family Foundation (HFF), a registered 501c3 charitable organization, was created in 2015 following the sale of the family owned Cliniqa Corporation, a diagnostic controls manufacturer serving the biotech and medical industries. HFF is operated by members of the Haugh Family, with Granger Haugh serving as CEO. Lynne Haugh is responsible for foundation interests in the United States, while Scott Haugh oversees international giving. HFF board member and former Cliniqa CFO Dean Harriman joined HFF in October 2019.


The Haugh Family Foundation supports youth and adult educational and professional opportunities for those in recovery from addiction, educational and employment resources for veterans, and inclusive learning opportunities for children with learning disabilities. Granger Haugh started his career as a Naval Aviator, and the foundation supports educational and vocational opportunities for deserving youth and adults in the field of aviation. We value leadership, teamwork, independence and transformative collaboration through public and private partnerships, business development, employment training, community service and social entrepreneurial opportunities which foster personal and professional growth.


•   Beacon of Hope Cayman Foundation (BOHCF) and Beacon Farms:

HFF supports a 34-acre farm based on Grand Cayman Island, which provides resources to native Caymanians who are moving from inpatient addiction treatment to a safe, supported, supervised housing environment. Here they develop farming and agricultural skills for independence and successful re-entry into Cayman society. Beacon Farms is a visionary “Idea Farm” in that it is planting many experimental crops, including some that are new to Cayman, to expand the selection of fruits, vegetables, and other crops to the local marketplace. The goal of Beacon Farms is self-sufficiency through the sale of its crops, including Mangels, tobacco and coconut oil made on the farm. Beacon farms now has Grand Cayman’s first commercial grade large scale on-site composting facility. By composting 100% “Clean Green” organic green waste, Beacon farms is creating some of the best quality soils in Cayman and re-purposing green waste that would go to the local landfill. To learn more about their unique recovery based social entrepreneurship enterprise, please visit

•   The Bridge Foundation Cayman:

The Haugh Foundation is a longtime supporter of this worthy nonprofit organization. The Bridge Foundation was created to restore dignity and self-respect to those negatively affected by addiction. Through safe, supported supervised transitional housing and immediate access to sobriety resources, residents build the foundations of sober living and begin to improve their quality of life in preparation for successful re-entry into Cayman society as productive citizens.

The West Bay campus supports men in early recovery and offers 24-hour monitoring and supervision by a caring staff, well versed in recovery.

Residents attend mandatory 12 step meetings and begin to build confidence and self-worth as part of a structured, professionally managed and peer supported recovery program. The Bridge Foundation provides these first steps to sober living support and access to recovery resources to grow independence and accountability through the 12-step program, links to community resources and multi-disciplinary social programs, increasing the likelihood of a clean, sober and prosperous future for our residents. The Haugh Foundation is proud to support this vital addiction recovery resource. To visit The Bridge Foundation’s website, and to donate, please go to

•  Inclusion Cayman

Inclusion Cayman (formerly Special Needs Foundation Cayman) began in 2008, when a group of parents, educators and professionals learned of the lack of assessment, diagnostic, treatment and community Cayman resources available on island to children with special needs. Inclusion Cayman advocates for early diagnosis, intervention and inclusive learning environments for children diagnosed with autism and other learning challenges. Our partnership with, and support of Inclusion Cayman provides opportunities, resources, and services to Caymanian families as they navigate the challenging issues related to children diagnosed with unique needs.

The Haugh Family Foundation helped to create "Our House," a multipurpose resource center that assists Caymanian children and parents through the complex process of assessment, diagnosis, learning resources and community support services. Please visit them at and consider a donation in the name of someone you know who is affected by autism or other learning challenges.      

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•    National Flight Academy (NFA):

HFF supports this aviation-themed experience at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida, which offers typically developing young people and those with learning disabilities a 1, 2, 3 or 6-day (as appropriate) flight academy experience aboard a 102,000 square foot mock aircraft carrier, experiencing theme-park style thrills surrounded by advanced technology, flight simulators, and virtual reality games that ignite imagination and encourage STEM learning. Please visit their website to learn ways to support this unique inclusive learning program for children of all abilities at    

•    Gary Sinise Foundation, Woodland Hills, CA. (GSF):

Gary Sinise Foundation (GSF) was established under the philanthropic direction of internationally recognized actor, director and musician Gary Sinise. GSF programs provide a wide range of resources and services for United States military personnel. The Haugh Family Foundation is pleased to join resources with the R.I.S.E. program, a GSF program dedicated to building 100% mortgage-free Specially Adapted Smart Homes for veterans. Haugh Family Foundation CEO Granger Haugh is a retired Navy pilot and a strong supporter of brave warriors in all branches of military service. As a token of our family’s gratitude for serving our nation with distinction and valor, for every Specially Adapted Smart Home completed, our foundation donates an adjustable illuminated flagpole, American flag, and flag of the recipient’s branch of military service. To discover ways to donate to this worthy organization, or to learn more about the work of the Gary Sinise Foundation, please visit  

The Haugh Family Foundation actively explores and initiates opportunities for strategic partnerships leading to transformational relationships. We view potential investments, collaborations and relationships through a lens of social entrepreneurship or “Philanthro-Capitalism.” Our primary giving mechanisms are matching grants, also known as “challenge grants.” With our extensive experience in the private business sector, we also utilize Program Related Investments (PRI’s), a unique funding tool which provides mutually successful outcomes.

The Haugh Family Foundation is a private family organization and as such, all funding opportunities are at our invitation. We regret that we cannot respond to solicitations or funding requests.

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